New goal of !Fund of the Ones who Care: a medical equipment for newborns

An infant phototherapy lamp for a Pediatric Resuscitation Unit is a new the 9th goal of !Fund of the Ones who Care. Therequired amount is 150, 000 UAH. When we have money, we’ll buy such lamp for Regional Children's Clinical Hospital "Okhmatdyt." We’ve already started to collect money.

Every day infants get into "Okhmatdyt" Pediatric Resuscitation Unit who suffer from an elevated level of bilirubin, meaning that a newborn has jaundice. Nowadays, it’s approximately 60% of newborns. If phototherapy with special lamps is not provided in due time, nuclear jaundice may happen that can destroy the nervous system. As a result – retardation and disability.  

There is only one operating infant phototherapy lamp in the Unit for the time being and every day 5-7 newborns are in need.

Actually, the hospital needs 9 phototherapy lamps in order to help kids from the whole district. It’s such trivial and necessary therapy equipment. If phototherapy isn’t undergone, the consequences are very dangerous for infant central nervous system. That’s why, when we buy one more lamp, there won’t be any queues for therapy and kids will be treated in time,” says Viktoriya Khrystenko, the manager of !Fund of the Ones who Care.

All goals of !Fund are directed to help a lot of people at once. The goal #9 will give a chance to treat newborns.

Good deeds are easy to make when you care. Join!

How to join and purchase a phototherapy lamp?

1) Places where to donate money. You can donate money at places of collecting money arranged by “!Fund of the Ones who Care”. They are located in all !FEST restaurants as well as in convenience stores chain “Two steps away from the house”, the bakery “Bratvanka”, souvenirs shops “Lviv Souvenirs”. All contacts and addresses are at our website:

2) Payment account:

Charitble !Fund of the Ones who Care
EDRPOU Code: 38738541
Payment account: 26004405654
Bank code: 325570
Payment details: Charity donation.

3) Bofons. You can join !Fund and donate bofons (LOKAL hotline 0 800 501 494).


!Fund of the ones who Care is a community of people, united with common values and aimed to do good deeds. Our priorities are: education, medicine and infrastructural projects. !Fund sets objectives and achieves them. !Fund is raised with contributions made by the ones who care in the “!FEST” Holding of Emotions restaurants as well as with bofons of LOKAL community members who make donations. Goal #8 was achieved in June 2017 – we bought non-invasive lung ventilation for a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Centre.

Our contacts: 0 800 501 494,

!Fund of the Ones who Care at Facebook.