Glory to Ukraine! The war has made some corrections to the work of our restaurants and shops but now we are doing our best to restore 100% of capacity of our restaurants and other projects to support the economy of our country.

Since the first days of the war we have launched additional activities of great help in these times:
  • «!FEST: Food Mission» in cooperation with World Central Kitchen provides displaced people, volunteers and Territorial Defence Forces with free hot meals, sandwiches and field ration packs on a daily basis. Find out here how to order and support our mission. 
  • Within the framework of «!FEST: Food Mission» we have launched the preparation of packs «Food per day». This is a set of products intended for nutrition of one adult per 24 or 36 hours. We prepare over 2000 such packs every day. Find out here how to order and support our mission. In addition, you can buy products here, and we will add them to our packs «Food per day».
  • !Fund of the Ones Who Care together with Lviv City Council have launched the Humanitarian Aid Office, where they help displaced people who have no funds to travel abroad temporarily and get social support there. Find more here if you need help to travel abroad or you want to provide support.

Work of Holding’s projects in Lviv

Now most restaurants of «!FEST» Holding of Emotions in Lviv are open and give a warm welcome to guests, but some of them have changed their work format: 

Changed working conditions: 
Always find the current working schedules for restaurants here, and for projects – here. All our restaurants and shops are safe: the personnel are well-instructed to act in case of a threat; there are basements and the possibility of taking shelter. You can pay in the restaurants and cafes both by card and in cash.

All hotels of the Holding work as usual and welcome guests: 

Work of Holding’s projects across Ukraine

The projects across Ukraine are also resuming their work to ensure the living activities of cities. 

Working as of now:
Lviv Handmade Chocolate
Some of the shops are working. Find the current schedule and locations here.

Drunk Cherry
Not all locations are working now in Ukraine, but we gradually resume our work. Open restaurants: 
Abroad – in Poland, Moldova and Romania. Find the addresses here
Also, Drunk Cherry has created its own NFT collection. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to support the Ukrainian Army.

Lviv Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery
Restaurants in Kharkiv are not working due to combat actions in the cities. In Zhytomyr and Kyiv the work has been resumed. We’ll be glad to see you at: 
We remind you that all restaurants and shops of the Holding do not service the citizens of russia. Regarding the citizens of belarus, they can only visit our restaurants and shops having a residence permit in Ukraine or confirmation of belonging to volunteer organizations or Territorial Defence Forces. If you carry a weapon, please, leave it at our guards; you will get it back while exiting. That’s for the sake of guests’ and personnel’s safety.

Delivery services
!FEST Delivery works and takes orders every day from 12:00 till 20:00. 

In addition, delivery from online stores across Ukraine is available:
Aviatsiya Halychyny
The shops in Kyiv are temporarily closed. The shops in Lviv on 3 Staroyevreyska Str. and 3 Krakivska Str. are working from 11:00 till 19:00. We inform about any changes in the work schedule on social media pages. In addition, we have launched the presale of the collection «Independence War». All proceeds from the T-shirts sale are transferred to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. View the items here.

The Old Lion Publishing House
The publishing house continues to prepare interesting books and initiatives for Ukrainian readers. It has also joined the collection of humanitarian aid for the Army and displaced persons. The website works as usual: we send orders to the open Nova Poshta offices across Ukraine and abroad.  

In addition, more than 300 books of the Old Lion Publishing House are available in electronic format, some of them are free. Find the current schedule of the bookshops here

In the bookshops, we collect food, medicine and hygiene items for displaced people and the Army, as well as books for refugees in Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and other countries where Ukrainians have found their shelter. Those willing to help can support Ukrainian refugees and join the collection by donating from 5 to 100 euros for books.

The School of Open-minded Kids
Since the start of the war, the School has organized a two-week online camp for kids. Now it continues to educate kids remotely. All the lessons have been resumed in online format. 
  • The Art School of Open-minded Kids has resumed design workshops and individual music lessons online; it arranges online talks «Our values during war» with various cultural figures and artists and organizes free online music lessons twice a week. 
  • The Online School of Open-minded Kids involves in learning everyone willing to attend, in particular children who stay in the temporarily occupied territories and abroad. 
  • The School of Strong-minded organizes daily sport activities for children online.
The Workshop of Houses has resumed both the construction works and the office work. They accept monthly payments, make houses ready for commissioning and continue to sell apartments and commercial real estate.

Our goal is to provide reliable rear that will strengthen the forces of those at the front. Let’s build it together, for the sake of our sooner victory! The struggle continues!