New Year 2020 in Lviv: where to celebrate?

New Year is not just a party when you should sit at the table! This Year is the Silver Rat`s year. And the rat is an interesting animal. Firstly, it is one of the few animals that can smile. Secondly, it never overeats. Also, it is sociable, as it is always in a group and doesn’t live alone. So, it shall be taken as an example ;)

There is a tradition in Lviv – goat guiding. And we love Lviv and admire its traditions. It is a good way to have a fun and to celebrate the New Year a bit differently. Taking a walk around the city instead of just eating until full all night long. So, choose a restaurant where you want to start; there you will get a bracelet that will let you to guide the goat with your fellows to all restaurants of Holding of Emotions !FEST in the very heart of Lviv after 2:00. And also, if you happen to have no place to stay the night, we have something to offer (at the end of the page).

Happy New Year!

Beer Theatre “Pravda”

Programme includes: PRAVDA-orchestra and band Cover Jam on the main stage, Easy Company Duo band in the hall of Underground, presenter Romko Kolobok, photographer, non-limited draft beer, New Year`s menu, gift.

Price: till the end of November - 1900 UAH per person, December – 2100 UAH (100 UAH cheaper with Lokal card). 

Contact us if you have additional questions: +380 67 598 78 33 /


New Year`s disco of 2000s, presenter Volodymyr Kasiy, only selected hits and schlager songs of all times, live music and a rousing dj set, presents and other novelties.
Start: 22:00

Entrance fee: first 50 tickets - 250 UAH. Click here to buy.

You may book a table but only with a prior order from 500 UAH. Call:.: +38 (067) 310 73 86

Click here for more details

Pub-museum “Gas Lamp”

Programme includes: Dyhai band, presenter Nazar Dombrovetskyi, dancing and presents.

Entrance fee: 800 UAH for entrance to the 1st – 3rd  floors (700 UAH with Lokal card) and 900 UAH (800 UAH with Lokal card) for entrance to the terrace. 

Details and seat reservation: +38 (050) 371 09


Programme includes: Shake band, insurgent musicians, presents and vital mood as always.

Entrance fee: 800 UAH (700 UAH with Lokal card) + minimal order of 600 UAH per person.

Details and seat reservation here

 Contact for more details: +38 (067) 310 31 

Opera Underground

Programme includes: a party with 3 Djs.

Price: booking a “niche” for 6-8 person – 2000 UAH + minimal order of 600 UAH per person. If you order a “niche”, the entrance to the party is free.

Entrance fee to the party without a prior reservation is 250 UAH per person.

Details and seat reservation: +38 (050) 430 53

Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture

Programme includes: Cover Jam band, presenter Dmytro Hoyan (from Zahoretska team), presents to every guest.

Entrance fee: 3200 UAH for a table for 4 persons (3000 UAH with Lokal card) + minimal order of 500 UAH per person.

Details and seat reservation: +38 (098) 870 61 03,

Grand Cafe Leopolis 

Programme includes: Lemberg hills band, presenter Dmytro Hnativ and presents.

Entrance fee: 600 UAH

Details and seat reservation: +38 (097) 997 55 

The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

Programme includes: Astory band, grand piano and violin, presenters – duet SFO, tasty wine, presents.

Entrance fee: 1100 UAH + minimal order of 800 UAH per person  

Details and seat reservation: +38 (050) 430 87

"At the Golden Rose" Galician Jewish Restaurant

Programme includes: great musicians with a violin and accordion, presenter Vladyslav Kartashevych, special appetizers and presents.

Price: minimal order - 800 UAH per person 

Details and seat reservation: +38 (050) 370 38

Trout, Bread and Wine

Programme includes: Yaroshevych Taras and presents.

Price: minimal order - 800 UAH per person

Details and seat reservation: +38 (050) 373 96

No private party, no entrance fee. As always  – no reservations and first come first served. Only tasty ribs and rousing music by The Glass band.

Free entrance.

Details: +38 (067) 373 41

The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice

Programme includes: Choconuts band, presenter Oleh Herhil, presents. 

Entrance: 1500 UAH (1400 UAH with Lokal card).

Details and seat reservation: +38 (050) 430 28

Programme includes: Jazz played from vinyl, Bubblehead band, presents.

Price: 1500 UAH (entrance, offered New Year`s menu, 1 bottle of sparkling wine for 2).

Details and seat reservation: +38 067 314 1071 /


Party with Dj Ram Paul, drink as a treat.

Entrance: 250 UAH

Details:: +38 (050) 371 04 40 /

Post Office on Drukarska street

Working till 05:00 a.m. 

Free entrance.

Details: +38 (050) 434 71

Lviv Galician Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery

Working till 04:00 a.m., free entrance.

+38 (050) 371 38 33

Piana Vyshnia

Non-stop pouring of the best Lviv liqueur on 11  Rynok Sq. and on 1/3 Krakisvska street.

You may stay here

Apartments Just Lviv It!

You may book the apartments on 14, 15 Rynok Sq. here (there are 5 vacant apartments; 4499 UAH per day). 

You may book the apartments on 3 Drukarska Str., here (there are 6 vacant apartments; 4799 UAH for 3 persons). 

Book your apartment via telephone:  +38 (067) 310 3076


Hotel on 7 Serbska Str. 14 rooms are available starting from 4400 UAH per day for 2 persons 

Book here or call +38 (067) 000 1069