“Dido” – the best project of sustainable development in Ukraine!

Dido” project of local products is the best in the competition of business projects for sustainable development in Ukraine. The aim of “Stalo” competition is to popularize business solutions that are environmentally friendly, give positive social effect as well as economically viable.

We love what we are doing and it's the main recipe of our success. “Dido” team and “Dido” farmers are professionals. “Dido” customers are inspiring people. We do not stop at what we've achieved; we are experimenting, studying new technologies and moving only forward!" says Natalya Holovatska, “Dido” Project Manager. 

Stalo” competition was arranged with the assistance and support of the following organizations: the publication Delo.ua, Civil Organization "Communications for Changes", Ekonomika Communication Hub, the UN Development Program in Ukraine, GEF (Global Environment Fund).

Three main issues are the essence of sustainable development: economic increase, effective usage of resources, minimization of environmental pollution and achievement of high social standards. Having examined the projects, the jury evaluated relevance of business projects to the criteria of sustainable development. Not only financial success of business solutions were rated but cases’ interest and feasibility, economic, social and ecologic effectiveness.

Note:“Dido” is true organic products. The ecologic farm and ecologic products as well as a convenience stores chain in !FEST Holding of Emotions.