Join the Team

"!FEST" Holding of Emotions is a company of young minds and perspective people who have  ambitions and skills; people who thrive to make our city and country better.

We invite you to become our partner and work with us. That's right, as we would like our relations to be collaborating and based on principles - common values, decency, clarity, trust and mutual aid.

Mail to:

Phone: +38 (050) 405 28 77

Trainings center

It doesn’t matter if one does not know what to do or lack of special skills. Once we also did everything at hazard. But the war ended, the Soviets left and we learned some things. That’s why, nowadays we will teach everyone who is enthusiastic.

We will teach:

  • Service and hospitality;
  • Main skills of a server and a bartender;
  • How to behave in conflict situations (without weapon and grenades);

And furthermore, trainings dedicated to team culture, work organization in groups, history and values will be delivered, too. We think that each person who wishes to work in the Company can easily gain new skills in order to become a professional. We can do it because we believe. The Adidas slogan states "Impossible is nothing!" Our long experience is an evidence of it.


What should one need to work in the Company and become an integral part of it?

What will happen in the office?

  • You will be given a form to fill out. We respect the truth and good handwriting. Please take a photo 3х4cm. After filling the form, and in case you exited us, you will be invited for an interview. Nowadays we feel short of good communicators.

What positions can the Company suggest?

  • You can look at current job vacancies that are regularly updated in "Current Vacancies". Or if you have skills, invent yourself some position. Who knows; we may need cosmonauts one day :)

Is there any job promotion in the Company?

  • Of course! Most our restaurant managers and assistant managers started as server in our Holding company. This, my friend, is a career ladder and this ladder has always a higher step from the previous one).