How is beer brewed in “Pravda”? Brewery tours

Brewery tours in Beer TheatrePravdahave started in Lviv. From now on everyone can find out how Lviv true beer is created in the very downtown of the city.

You can enroll on the tour every day from 11:00 to 19:00.

It includes:

- visiting the brewery

- listening to the brewer’s lecture

- beer tasting, three types (including just from the beer tank).

All tour guests will also receive a certificate for one free of charge tap beer in Beer Theatre “Pravda” and an opportunity to buy unique beer “Quadruple”, exclusively being sold to the participants of beer tours.

To book the tour and find out more information please call: 050 431 76 70.

Minimum group – 10 people, maximum – 40. (Сhildren do not taste beer!).

Beer Theatre “Pravda” - Lviv, 32 Rynok Ssquare. We are at Facebook.