“!Fund of the Ones who Care” Purchased Equipment for Treating Seriously Ill Children

!Fund of the Ones who Care” and its Community has achieved one more goal! Today we’ve provided Intensive Care Unit of the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre with injection pumps. They will be used in the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit where stay children in critical situations.

We can’t work without this equipment in Intensive Care Unit. We start with measuring medicine for children in Intensive Care Unit and finish with injecting anesthetics in the Operating Room. We have many patients with birth defects, diabetes, leukaemia and other serious diseases that need injecting more than 80 types of medicine. There are sometimes 6-12 injection pumps near one patient for exact injecting. So, you should understand how important these pumps are”, explains Iryna Schurovska, the Chief of Intensive Care Unit at the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre.

Our !Fund together with people who care have gathered 80, 000 UAH to purchase injection pumps since October 2015. 69, 606 UAH are donations in !Fund boxes, located in all !FEST restaurants, as well as 10, 394 are bofons (reward points) transferred by you from LOKAL cards.

We are extremely happy that there are people who donate and volunteers who help hospitals in this difficult time. Not only doctors but children who are treated in our medical centre would like to address to all people who joined and achieved this goal set by “!Fund of the Ones who Care”. We do save more lives together!,” adds Iryna Schurovska.

!Fund of the Ones who Care” will soon announce the next charitable goal. Follow the news.

We would like to express our gratitude to all people who care and donate money or bofons to achieve our goals!

Goal #7 was set by the “!Fund of the Ones who Care” in October last year. Please find here more information about !Fund.