“!Fund of the Ones who Care” Collects Money for Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation for Children. Please join!

!Fund of the Ones who Care” announces its new goal – to purchase non-invasive mechanical ventilation for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre. The necessary sum is 245, 000 UAH. We start collecting money in !FEST Holding of Emotions restaurants. Please join to make this goal true with UAH or bofons (reward points) to help children!

We plan to purchase VENTImotion 2 intelligent ST in basic configuration and together with programming support for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre.

What is the purpose of non-invasive mechanical ventilation? Doctors at the Medical Centre explain: “Cystic fibrosis is one of the most common genetic disorders that first of all affects gastrointestinal and breathing systems, impaired patency of the digestive system, bronchi, gallbladder body system…One of the powerful methods to improve patency of airways is using non-invasive mechanical ventilation. It gives a possibility to enhance effectiveness of complex physiotherapy, the least accessible patient’s lung areas are released from sticky mucus. The usage of such treatment method in the hospital allows getting better medical care results during a child’s hospitalizing.”

Non-invasive mechanical ventilation which !Fund is planned to buy for the hospital regulates the child’s power of inhale and exhale. It can be adjusted in accordance with patient’s needs in order to make a process of cleanliness maximum effective. Moreover, the air can be additionally enriched with oxygen through the oxygenator that is vitally important for many patients.

How to join and buy noninvasive mechanical ventilation? Places where to donate money. You can donate money at places of collecting money arranged by “!Fund of the ones who care”. They are located in all !FEST restaurants as well as in convenience stores chain “Two steps away from the house”, the bakery “Bratvanka”, souvenirs shops “Lviv Souvenirs”. All contacts and addresses are at our website: www.fest.lviv.ua.

Payment account:

EDRPOU Code: 38738541


Payment account: 26004405654

Bank code: 325570

Payment details: Charity donation.

Bofons. You can join !Fund and donate bofons (LOKAL hotline 0 800 501 494) or in UAH.

!FUND OF THE ONES WHO CARE: a community of people, united with common values and aimed to do good deeds. Our priorities are: education, medicine and infrastructural projects. !Fund sets objectives and achieves them. !Fund is raised with contributions made by the ones who care in the “!FEST” Holding of Emotions restaurants as well as with bofons of LOKAL community members who make donations.

Our contacts:0 800 501 494, fond@fest.lviv.ua.

!Fund of the Ones who Care at Facebook.