The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant: Wine Tasting

On March 29th “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant” organized wine tasting of Italian wines “The South of Italy: a Variety of Style and Tastes” from its own wine collection. The wine tasting took place in a renovated patio restaurant.

15 wine connoisseurs visited the event to taste 6 varieties of Italian wine:   

  • White dry Chardonnay Montonico (Cantine Campoverde);
  • White dry Grillo (Cantine Pellegrino);
  • Pink dry Hiuri (Cantine Campoverde);
  • Red dry Cabernet Sauvignon (Cantine Campoverde);
  • Red dry Nero d'Avola (Cantine Pellegrino);
  • Red semidry Primitivo di Manduria Brunile de Menzione (Schenk).

Each wine variety was accompanied by special Italian appetizers prepared by the restaurant brand chef Illya Demkovskyy.

The host of the evening was a wine expert Oleksandr Sharai from Kyiv. He told the guests a lot of exciting and detailed information about each wine.

Wine tasting and delicious dishes has become a nice tradition of “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant”.

By the way, the restaurant wine list counts more than 350 wines. Thus, follow our news and visit our consecutive wine tastings in the nearest future.