School of open-minded kids: the start

Teachers were riding bicycles; the flag was raised in the sky by quadrocopter; a magic hat – this is how September 1st at “School of open-minded kids” started.

Our school has begun today. The holiday was short and informal so that children, parents and teachers had a festive feeling and didn’t get tired. In advance children received colourful invitations for the holiday which were exchanged into a balloon of appropriate colour at the entrance. Thus, by means of colours we divided them into classes.

School teachers and mentors arrived on bicycles to meet the children. School Operation Manager, Oles Pohranychnyy, greeted all parents and Mrs. Olya His, Teaching Program Manager, addressed to all children.

“Learning is the most exciting game in the world that you can play during all your life!”Mrs. Olyaopened the holiday.

The flag was raised by quadrocopter while “PRAVDA-orchestra” was performing the anthem of Ukraine. Later children started to get acquainted with teachers and mentors while parents were having a picnic in the school yard.

I like the title the most– “School of open-minded kids”. Only that fact that my child will tell others that he goes to such school, he will care about everything around him. If each of us care, our country will be great. To my mind, the School is destined to be successful if teachers and children are not indifferent. I encourageallparentstocare, andwellbehappy,says Mykhailo Salo, the father of the son who has entered School of open-minded kids.