New Educational Project – Art School

This year we are going to launch a new educational project – the Art School. We know that education is very important and we want to share our expertise and skills with even more kids.

“We have managed to get together a team of people who have compiled a fantastic curriculum focusing on design in the broad sense of the word: creativity, art, photography, nurturing of aesthetic taste, music and theater. To be able to move on and launch other projects, we transfer this program to a separate school with its own goals. “Perhaps, this Art School will spawn another school,” said Yurko Nazaruk, co-founder of the !FEST Holding of Emotions and the School of open-minded kids.

The Art School of open-minded kids will include three areas: design, music and theater. In general, the training will be aimed at fostering aesthetic taste in children. The curriculum consists of separate subjects and courses held in the afternoon. Currently, the Art School is operating in the premises of the School of open-minded kids at the Army Sports Club Stadium (SKA) but in six months it will have its own premises.

The program is designed for schoolchildren of all ages, but we plan to run separate courses for adults as well.

The project team has already organized four camps for children in Lviv. The last one is finishing on August 23. At the end of each camp, children present a play, musical or performance. Costumes and pieces of scenery were created by the camp participants, besides they contributed to the creation of music and scripts.

To apply for study please email us at: 

The team of the Art School of open-minded kids

  • Oleksandra Nahirna – the mastermind behind the design program;
  • Maria Petrovska – the mastermind behind the music program;
  • Oleg Oneshchak – the mastermind behind the theater program;
  • Marichka Tsymbaliuk – Administrative Manager;
  • Danylo Petrushenko – Manager of Educational Programs.