Online school of open-minded kids

Since the time of founding the School of open-minded kids, we have been thinking about providing an opportunity to study according to our programs to those children who cannot come to school in Lviv every morning for various reasons: health, distance from the location and so on.

During the long quarantine and lockdown time, “remoteness” has tired many people out, but we have to learn to live with it, and this also applies to education. Last year, we accelerated all the expertise and formed a program for full-fledged online studying. And now everyone who wants to get high-quality Ukrainian education with the same principles and values ​​as those that we have been teaching children in our schools for 4 years can study with us remotely. 

How does it work?

Our online classes are live communication, not an exchange of records via e-mails or messengers. We believe that even distance learning should socialize the child, so we provide the classmates with the opportunity to communicate with each other. Teachers communicate with children during the classes. Tutors also help with self-preparation through “live” communication.

What are the benefits?

The School of open-minded kids is a modern school. We have formed a list of values we convey to our children — dignity, non-indifference, kindness, tolerance, responsibility and many others. We pay no less attention to significance of our education. Most of our signature education programs are certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Our online school is a part of the School of open-minded kids in which children have been studying since 2017. Now there are two schools and more than 700 pupils in Lviv. In addition, children from the USA, Malta and Austria are already studying online with us. We provide pupils with the necessary textbooks and others educational materials. Professional psychologists conduct unique lessons of happiness — we teach children to think positively and understand themselves. We also provide compulsory classes of Design, Music and Drama conducted by professional actors, musicians, artists and designers. In addition, during the study at Online School of open-minded kids, the children have a chance to visit our school in Lviv to participate in the summer camp (a three-day program at the school, excursions and trips). Upon finishing the online school, pupils will receive a national standard certificate.

We teach to create the future — beyond Lviv and Ukraine ;)

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