We have achieved Goal #8!
To all those who care, thanks to you, now children with cystic fibrosis and patients with chronic bronchial and pulmonary conditions are more likely to recover faster!

For reference: the non-invasive lung ventilation device that we purchased and donated to the pediatric intensive care unit of the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Center (ZUMTs) is currently the only one of its kind available in Lviv and the region. Meanwhile, there are more than 240 cases of cystic fibrosis in children and adults, of which 60 children are undergoing permanent treatment at the ZUMTs. Patients’ life expectancy directly depends on continual treatment and prevention procedures. 

Sincere gratitude to all those who help to save children’s lives!

We express special thanks to the West Ukrainian Business Club and Oleksandr Mahun for their support and contribution; also, to the UkrTeleMed Sleep Laboratory, which delivered the device on time and donated two masks for procedures to the hospital. We will announce the Fund’s next goal soon!

Doing good is easier together!