Goal #17 is done!
Today, we handed over the laryngoscope to the pediatric ENT department of the Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital Okhmatdyt. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the fundraising!

As Fedir Yurochko, Head of Pediatric Otolaryngology Unit at Okhmatdyt, says, “Usually, during surgery, a colleague would hold an old laryngoscope in her hand, while I was operating. This laryngoscope can be suspended, and the operation will be easier, faster, and most importantly safer, because we will have 4 free hands, rather than 2, as it was before. We also used to adapt things for our needs during surgery, and this laryngoscope with endoscopes is designed specifically for children’s larynx. This is the best equipment that one can get.”

The laryngoscope was handed over in the presence of Professor J. Szydłowski from Poland, who came to share international experience in the treatment of laryngeal diseases in children with pediatric ENT professionals in Lviv. Thanks to the shared knowledge, technology, and new equipment, Lviv doctors will be able to help
children with laryngeal diseases even more efficiently. 

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