Top-5 Patriotic Souvenirs from Lviv
# 1. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army toy-soldiers (“УПА” in Ukrainian language). It’s a unique gift that you can find only in one secret place in Lviv. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army who live in “Kryjivka” are a real part of Ukrainian history. Toy-soldiers are made by Anna Shvets, a doll designer. 

# 2. Beer ceramic mugs with УПА and Division Halychyna logos, Stepan Bandera portrait and Trident. These are exclusive hand-made gifts from Uman crafter. A souvenir for real mug collectors!

# 3. “Banderivska” coffee.  Dark roasred 100% Arabica. Strong coffee as Ukrainian patriotic soul! 

# 4. T-shirts with patriotic prints: УПА, Banderstadt, Freedom or Death, Kryjivka, Stepan Bandera, etc. We were the first who started to make such T-shirts 6 years ago and they are still popular! 

# 5. “Kryjivka”. Good Ukrainian music from Ukrainian singers in exclusive design cover! 

You can buy unique patriotic gifts at “Souvenirs” shops (10 Rynok Square, 4 Shevska Str.) as well as at the “House of Legends” restaurant and the pub-museum "Gas Lamp".