A new convenient store at Lychakivska Street: the freshest products and only two steps away from your house!
A new concept was opened in Lviv: a convenience store chain “Two steps away from your house”, a bakery “Bratvanka” and “Dido”, organic meat products. Now people who live nearby Lychakivska Street can buy the freshest products and freshly baked bread and croissants just wearing slippers!
The new store “3 in 1” was opened at 122 Lychakivska Street on February 7th. It combines convenience store chain “Two steps away from the house” (already seven stores in Lviv), a bakery “Bratvanka” where not only bread but cakes, biscuits are baked as well as “Dido” where you can find the freshest organic meat products from local farmers.

Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00.