The best servers selected

Lviv has chosen the best servers again. And here are our heroes. It is they who didn't pour any cup of coffee on customer's laps. It's they who polished forks and spoons before bringing to a client. Yes, that's right, they felt sorry for 100 times for not enough salty salad and overboiled pasta, and the main thing they honestly shared tips with the manager. We hope you have understood that it is a joke. Our servers are really the best!  You can never stop on your achievements- there are so many things to do and to achieve in the service industry.

Mariya Kopach (Lviv Cheese Cake And Strudel Bakery), Kostyantyn Yanchitskyy ("At the Golden Rose" Galician and Jewish Restaurant ), Mariya Mykyta (Pub-museum "Gas Lamp"), Lyuba Sych ("Left Bank" restaurant), Nataliya Hruba (Maky), Vitaliy Bilous (Lviv Coffee Manufacture), Serhiy Hordon (Lviv Coffee Manufacture), Ivan Mikhovych (Lviv Coffee Manufacture), Mariya Mykh (Zenyk MYTNYK), Iryna Zazulyak (Trout, Bread and Wine ), Petro Chapkailo (The Most Expensive Galician restaurant), Mykhailo Lytvynchuk (The Most Expensive Galician restaurant), Taras Pylyp ( The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice), Svitlana Kozanchyn (House of Legends), Maryan Matveyev (Kryjivka), Roman Kotuza (Kryjivka), Bohdana Lakh (“Kryjivka”), Olesya Kovalchuk (“Kryjivka”), Olha Opryschenko ("Diana at Rynok Square" open air café), Volodymyr Klymkiv (Masoch-café), Yaryna Dobushovska (Zenyk No Glamour).