Unplugged at St. Andrew’s day with Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture

“Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture” will host “Lviv Wave Radio” with their traditional unplugged at St. Andrew’s Day. 

Unplugged was usually arranged at the “Lviv Wave” studio. This year for the first time outside the studio, for the first time with “Old Lion Publishing House”, for the first time full of literary readings and music that will be created in the yard of “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture” and heard from city radio stations. 

The present event is intended to return a family reading tradition to our homes together with pleasant music of our favourite singers. 

Music bands and groups: ТіК, Скрябін (Skryabin), Патриція (Patricia), Мері (Mary) and Піккардійська терція (Pikkardiyska Tertsia)

Turn on “Lviv Wave Radio” 100,8 fm on December, 13 at 18:00 and enjoy music from “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture”.