Where has the doorman at “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant” got wings?
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We would like to tell you about Mr. Bohdan, a doorman at “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant”. This man always surprises patrons of the restaurant. As they know where they go, they expect some certain atmosphere but to their surprise they enter the ordinary kitchen at first where Mr. Bohdan treats them with lunch and shares with his dressing gown. And only after that guests get into the Masonic restaurant.

Mr. Bohdan will tell us about his life. So, let’s read and get acquainted with him closer. 

I was born in the village of Dusaniv, Peremyshlyany district. My childhood was spent in the best traditions of collective farm. My parents went to work in the field since the early morning and I stayed with my brother.There was a lot to do around the house. I learnt to be workaholic and stubborn since the early age. Going to school in those times was quite different from nowadays. Each pupil, starting from the first class, had to gather 300-400 kg of potatoes, beetroots or corn. Leaving the village was very difficult then as there was great need in workforce. One must have a specific document to leave the village which was provided by the rural council. 

After finishing school, I applied for the air force academy. Having received an approval, at 17 I headed far away to the city of Ryazan. There I got my first education, my first life experience and jumped with a parachute for the first time. I had no other evaluation except “excellent” there. Having studied a year in Ryazan, I returned home as I wanted to be in other armed forces. A strange thing happened to me there: having mixed up documents, I was sent to the sea front. When I arrived in Kaliningrad, I wasn’t accepted in the army as I wasn’t in the army service list. They were seeking other cities for me to do military service. I was in Baltiysk, Pionersk and other places but, damn it, all groups had already been formed. Eventually, I appeared in Kolosivka, a town where I was a telephone operator of long-distance connection in the army.

I was in Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land, the islands amid the Arctic Ocean. 12 months of winter, the rest was summer – that’s what we used to say. After cold and severe days, I came back home where I received a desired document to leave the village and went to Lviv.

After military service, I worked hard at construction sites, namely at lamp manufacturer (“Iskra”) and “Electron”. Then I started working at a tank factory as a mechanic. To disassemble military tanks was my cup of tea. But a lucky chance happened just then – I was offered a job at our airport. Without thinking I moved to the airport for a position of a stevedore. I had an opportunity to communicate with people there and I enjoyed it so much. Having noticed my communicational skills the airport management shifted me to the position of a flight-attendant and I got the wings. Later I was an operator. I worked at the airports of Gomel and Moscow (Vnukovo). After permanent business trips I returned to Lviv on a full-time basis.

Once I received a strange postcard with a weird message and sense. I rushed to the post-office to find a right addressee. Entering the post-office, I liked a pretty girl behind the window. She became my wife in half a year and gave birth to a sweet daughter. I started thinking about my own dwelling after marriage. Having waited in a queue for my flat, I did not get it as some documents were lost. But I had so many important acquaintances at my work that, in the end, I spoke with Aviation Minister of USSR who gave an order to arrange a flat for me where I have lived up to now.

On returning to Lviv airport, I rapidly began to develop my career - Air Load Controller, Shift Manager and …Deputy Airport Director. At my work I got acquainted with all presidents, ministers, celebrities who arrived in Lviv. I spent one-third of my life at the airport. My favourite work brought me much satisfaction until I had different opinions with the Management. And I quitted … A duty officer in Lychakiv District Police Department was my next job. 

In May, 2009 I got an attractive job offer from my friend who works in “!FEST”. I got interested at once and started working as a conceptualist at “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant”.  

I had two professions in my life: the first – at the airport and the second – at “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant”. And I don’t want to look for another one. Actually, the aim is the same in both cases – meeting, greeting and accompanying guests. The most essential for me is when the patrons leave our restaurant with pleasure and say “Thank you very much”.