Once again, we can be proud of Old Lion Publishing House last year achievements.

Our books are on top of “Book of the Year’ 2013” list. If you haven’t read the book “Khto zrobyt’ snih” (“Who will Make the Snow”) by Maryana and Taras Prokhasko, we do assure you it’s worth reading! The book won award in the nomination “Children’s Book” of“Book of the Year’ 2013”. Moreover, it was earlier awarded the name “BBC Book of the Year”. 

Book experts and readers consider “Zvaryu Tobi Borschyku” (“I will Cook Borsch for You”) by Zirka Menzatyuk to be the second “Book of the Year’ 2013”. “Lys Mykyta” (”Mykyta, the Fox”) by Ivan Franko is in top 5 as well.

In the nomination “Books for the Pupils of the Primary and Secondary Classes” of “Book of the Year’ 2013” the experts awarded the second place to an instructive and interesting “Yak Ne Zablukaty u Pavutynni” (“How Not to be Lost in the Web”) by Tetyana Scherbachenko. The second, the third and the fourth places got Old Lion’s bestsellers: “Mama po Skaipu” (“Mother on Skype”), “Dido-Vsevido” (“The Grandfather who Knows Everything”) by Oleksandr Havrosh, “Ne takyi” (“Not like the Others”) by Serhiy Hrydin in the nomination “Juvenile Literature”. 
We congratulate Old Lion Publishing House team! Let the children read more and more in the coming year! More high quality Ukrainian books!