Adults will dance near “Diana”
Everybody will be able to watch a dance performance of “Amator” dancing group at "Diana at 

Rynok Square" open air café on Saturday June 21 at 5 p.m. The interesting thing about the dancing 

group is that its members are the elderly people who choose active lifestyle and don’t want to stay 

at home. Mr. Stepan, one of the organizers, and Mrs. Iryna, a choreograph, have told us more details 

about the group. 

Could you tell us who founded the dancing group? Was it your idea? 

Mr. Stepan: You know, there was “Zdorovya” (“Health”) group from the very beginning, being 

founded by “Samopomich”. We gathered together and did different physical exercises but it turned 

out to be not that easy for our “young” generation and we decided to try sport dancing. I got 

acquainted with Mrs. Iryna, who is a head dance instructor now, and talked about dances. She came 

here, organized the dancing group (the studio is located at H. Khotkevych Culture Palace) and we 

have been dancing for a year already. We come here and have dancing classes with great pleasure. 

And I am not only speaking about me, there are many enthusiasts here, one can dance better, one 

worse but, all in all, everyone is moving and thus is satisfied. Life is motion.

I see that atmosphere is very lively...What is the age of the participants?

Mr. Stepan: Age varies from 50 to 80. I can even say that the age ranges from 8 to 80 as small 

children also attend classes but they, of course, have classes separately and they have their own 

dancing program. We have quite routine rehearsals contrary to our performances. We had concerts 

at the Young Spectator's Theatre and in front of the Opera House on Lviv Day. We are often invited 

to dance and our grandpas and grandmas are happy that people watch them dancing. In this way 

it’s interesting for an audience and for us... We are pleased to perform because we can show what 

we’ve learnt, what we can do and what we are able to show.

Can you analyze in what way people are changing when they join your group?

Mr. Stepan: You know, each person is changing. People have different illnesses in our age and due 

to such positive atmosphere and intensive exercises they disappear, we lose weight and become 

more cheerful. Here is my own example: I’ve lost 12 kg this year, besides it was difficult to move, 

to bend... The others feel the same way. Women become slender, they look better... And they walk 

with pleasure. It’s also thanking to our dance instructor, Mrs. Iryna. She is both a producer and a 

choreograph. Moreover, she is not payed for this job. It’s an opportunity to the elderly people not to 

stay at home, to communicate, to move...

So, can we say it’s a club of common interests? 

Mr. Stepan: Yes, indeed. We have already formed our community. And it’s more interesting than 

just “Zdorovya”group! Not many people wanted to join it, especially men. Women joined the group 

but men were not interested in it. Dancing is more exciting anyway...

As I’ve understood, communication means a lot.

Mr. Stepan: Absolutely true. And there is a visible result: we’ve learnt a very big program – several 

dances... Thus, it’s self-realization, and communication, and benefit...

Tell me please if you like to teach dances to elderly people.

Mrs. Iryna: I like to break stereotypes. Because everyone got used to the idea that elderly people 

can’t lead active lifestyle. They sit in front of TV or on a bench. And in fact, there is a way out. 

They behave as if they won’t be older. And it’s interesting to show that age isn’t a reason to stay at 

home. I want such a trend to be developed among elderly people. 

It seems that elderly people have the same enthusiasm as children... 

Mrs. Iryna: It’s true. People who are 30-40 years old have lots of problems: children, work. 

And when people are older they release energy while dancing. And it’s self-realization, too. Not 

everything they can do well but step by step they will manage. It’s also important when people have 

goals which they should reach. 

What would you say if you addressed the audience of your age?

Mr. Stepan: I would tell them not to stay at home but move more. Join people, communicate, 

move...If a person stays at home, he is withdrawn. And communication, physical exercises are 

useful for health. It concerns young generation nowadays. They deal now more with technique, 

remote controls, computers. That’s why, young people have illnesses caused by the lack of physical 

exercises. So, we can show how important it is to move notwithstanding the age by our own