Lviv in TOP 5 least costly cities in Europe
Lviv is in top 5 least costly cities in Europe to live at. The most expensive is Zürich. 

Numbeo, the world's largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, 

has published the top list.

The most expensive European cities as per mid 2014 are the cities of Switzerland and Norway: 

Zürich (Switzerland; CPI 159,51), Stavanger (Norway; 156,71), Geneva (Switzerland; 150,43), 

Trondheim (Norway; 148,12) and Lausanne (Switzerland; 146,09). The cheapest cities are Bitola 

(Macedonia; 37,88), Kishinev (Moldova; 38,4), Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine; 40,53), Nish (Сербія; 

41,61) and Lviv (Ukraine; 42,19).