Food supply mission: delivering food to refugees and territorial defense
As a part of «!FEST food supply mission» we deliver free lunches and dinners to refugees and territorial defense members. Both to the ones guarding at the check points as well as mobile groups.

To make an order, please:
  • Contact us via telephone or e-mail: (050) 371 18
  • Mention the quantity, time and the delivery address. Minimum order of 10 portions is required, so group together and take care of each other.
  • The option «to go» is also available
If you are willing to help, you can bring:
  • Foil or thermal food containers
  • Food: cereals, pasta, vegetables, fresh meat and sausage products
You can support financially, as well: 
Our company has launched the cooperation with World Central Kitchen – it’s an NGO targeting at delivering food to the ones in need. Since its foundation World Central Kitchen has been supplying food to the citizens of many countries, in particular, to the ones who suffered from the natural disasters.

Nowadays we work together in Ukraine to deliver food to the ones who had to leave their homes because of the war in our country, as well as the ones who defend us from the occupants.

United we will win!
Glory to Ukraine!