Lviv city, 202 Stryiska Street
+38 (067) 471 20 66
Velyka Triyka. Three countries, three dishes, three flavours
Our slightly extraordinary new format and long-running street food project. We tried to bring together three of the most interesting and distinctive dishes from different parts of the world in it. These are ramen, tom yum, and borscht. All three are proper dishes, not just soups. A regular soup is only a part of the meal, we cook full-fledged dishes that require respectful treatment instead. Even taking into account the size, as after a portion of 600-700 grams, it's quite a challenge to consider desserts or other dishes :)

So, enjoy three mega interesting flavours, originating from different traditions and parts of the world – the Great Three: ramen, tom yum and borscht. We invite you to taste, and you better come hungry!

P.S. Each dish has three variations so that you can choose what will be the best and Greatest for you :)

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