Lviv, 1 Rynok Sqr.
Mon – Sun 10:00 – 22:30
Diana. Open Air Café

A place of power in the very heart of Lviv. A fountain cherishing plenty of stories that was and still is a witness to the city life in the thick of it. Franko used to walk past it on his way to the Prosvita Society, horse-drawn carriages used to ride by it, and ladies used to wash fruit in it to sell right there on the market. Diana saw the construction of the modern city hall, the first trams on Rynok Square, and the crowd listening to the proclamation of the Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State. Nowadays Diana is once again witnessing a new whirlwind of history, and she is ready to share it over a cup of coffee – all you have to do is drop by and feel it.

In addition, it’s a place of power personally for us as this was the starting point not only for !FEST but also for the ideas that changed the city. We believe and hope that this place will become a place of power for you as well. And Lviv with its whispers, tram bells, cobblestones, and sunset gleams on the rooftops will inspire you to come up with ideas that will help change the world for the better. The city is constantly changing, so do the contexts, times and events. We are changing with it, too. That’s why this year Diana becomes a little different, fresher and more interesting, but remains a place of inspiration and magic.