Piana Vyshnia
The best Lviv liqueur is an integral part of old Lviv. Piana Vyshnia has long been produced in every home of the city. Every housewife used to make such liqueur, so every lady knew its taste.

Our cherry liqueur is a liqueur with a strength of 17.5% ABV. It is easy to drink and it makes you buzz quickly. Moderately sweet, infused with the best cognac spirit and the finest cherries. Perfect for gathering and other adventures. We can talk for a long time about why our Piana Vyshnia is so delicious, but it's better to try it once than to hear about it many times.

We have over 60 locations in 9 countries and 39 cities. Find Piana Vyshnia in you city here, if you cannot find it – read about franchising here.

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