Stories of Success. How to Run a Restaurant when 25 years old?

How do people become successful and what should they do to be successful? How to improve and develop yourself and, in fact, how can you become successful at work? Can a server become a Restaurant Manager and operate a restaurant effectively? You will find all answers in our new project “Stories of Success”. It’s the project about people who have started their career and work in !FEST Holding of Emotions, their achievements and pieces of advices how to become successful.

The first story is about Marysya Yarmil. She is the manager at “Trout, Bread and Wine” restaurant, loved by tourists and locals. Cozy atmosphere, delicious trout, house bread and wine attract guests here. Marysya told us how starting as a server, she achieved her objective and become a manager of one of the best restaurants in Lviv.

About !FEST and me

When I was a third course student, I was working as a server in !FEST. It was a spontaneous decision: my mum became ill and the operation cost a lot. I decided to help my family, and I was looking for a job. I submitted an application at the !FEST and wanted to work in “Kryjivka” very much. “Kryjivka” was such a place for me where I could tell people about the history of Ukraine as I was a member in the Bandera Student Community at that period. And I did it.

For a month or so I was ashamed of telling my parents that I was a server. Actually, it should have been a job for six months, till summer, not more.

Perhaps, I felt the most comfortable being a server, because it was non-stop live communication with guests. It’s when you are totally satisfied at work. Later I was promoted and became Head Server, then – Assistant Manager. And soon after I understood that I needed some drastic changes; so I applied for a vacancy of Restaurant Manager at “Trout, Bread and Wine”.

It was very difficult at the beginning. I understood that Larysa (Larysa Pabst, Manager at "Kryjivka") was always behind me, and if I did something wrong, she would back up me. Such responsibility there! But I felt that it was a crucial moment in my life and I longed for changes. In fact, it was a great move for me: I'm so shy, calm and run a restaurant! (laughing)

Myplan was to stop working as a server and move on to something else. But here I am in !FEST Holding of Emotions more than 5 years! Two years and a half of them in “Trout, Bread and Wine”. 

About searching the job of your life 

It's a great experience! When I became Head Server I liked the fact I couldbe promoted. I started working persistently to be Assistant Manager. In a certain moment I understood what  I want it. I think it's very important for everyone to realize what you want to do in your life, move on and develop yourself.

Working two years in “Trout, Bread and Wine” I felt again that something need to change. We've opened a summer open café and a grill bar; I am now busier and happier!

If I wasn't promoted and continued working as a server, I would have continued studying at the university (I had a Bachelor Degree when I left the university.) Being a student at the International Economics Department, I dreamt of being a teacher. When I began working in restaurant business, I realized I don't want to teach anymore.

How to find the job of your life? I don't know; you must give it a go. If there was something I didn't like, I would leave and try something else. I want to develop myself more!

Education and development

If you have a desire, you can learn a lot at work. At first, I practically didn't know how to interactwith people, I listened to my feelings and I did it. I started realizing how I should speak with guests, with who I can laugh or keep distance. Then everything went good! 

You have to learn continuously to be better! Basically, I kept learning after work and sometimes I read something or look through at work. As I have already mentioned here you must have a great desire and eagerness not to stay where you are if unhappy.

It’s essential to feel comfortable when you visit your restaurant as a guest. If I notice something not good, I realize thatI need to change it. And when such changes work, it motivates me to be better.

During interviewing, we very often ask people what position they would like to have in a year or more. During my last interview a guy told me that he it’s a job of his life. It’s so cool to have new people and impressions every day, much communication and emotions: “I believe I can give people something good!” Definitely, if you are in two minds, you must try and make sure if it’s yours or not.

About success and team 

You must always come at work in a good mood. Otherwise, it won’t be good neither for me nor for others :). I enjoy visiting other restaurants, seeing something new, reading about foreign restaurants, looking for inspiration.

When I began to work at “Trout, Bread and Wine”, the staff had already worked there for two months. They and I were unfamiliar with each other so we started to get to trust each other :). Now I feel that we are a real team. We have common understanding and communication. Employees love their job.As a result,guests feel it and love our restaurant!

You must listen to your employees. Sometimes prompt them to motivate them. Then everything will be good!

Am I successful? It’s difficult to say :) On the one hand, I’m 25 and I’ve achieved something. On the other hand, my mates, school and university acquaintances bring up children. Yes, of course, having family is great, but there is a lot I can achieve! Develop and learn. I can’t say I’m successful and put a dot on it. You need to move on!

About personal life

We must rest! I couldn’t do it before, but I’ve learnt. I like to stay active, go to the mountains and ride a horse. This is my way of relaxing.

I believe that everything happens in critical times in our life. When you lack something, other important things appear. This is how I got my sweet dog!

My favourite book – “The Orange Girl” by Jostein Gaarder.