ZERO WASTE in !FEST: summary

We are minimizing, sorting and deliver for recycling garbage produced in our restaurants. This year in April we’ve started to implement some Zero Waste principles in “!FEST” Holding of Emotions. But it’s just a beginning. We want to make more and plan to implement another Zero Waste principles, too. Below is our summary what we’ve achieved.



Zero Waste !FEST started from the discarded items of:

  • plastic straws,
  • disposable cups,
  • packaging packets,
  • sugar sticks.

We are trying to minimize our garbage: a huge task, but it is a start. We’re a small player globally, but we are counting.

We’ve discarded parts of tetra packs products. We are ordering alternative packaging, banning tetra packs altogether.  

We don’t make coffee to go. Our baristas will eagerly prepare coffee in your coffee cup for your take out.  


We’ve started to sort garbage in April in "Diana at Rynok Square" open air café. We’ve been doing this for several months and succeeded. It has given us the motivation to do it in all our restaurants. Nowadays all “!FEST” Holding of Emotions restaurants that operate in Lviv are sorting garbage. Sorting is a challenge, especially in a busy environment.

We are sorting now the following:

  • glass,
  • paper,
  • plastic,
  • metal,
  • plastic corks;

Delivering for recycling

We’ve found and checked reliable partners who are helping us to deliver raw materials for recycling. Every day Lviv Green Initiative takes raw materials from our restaurants.

 Thus, together we “saved” from garbage the following data of 2017:

  • 6,792 kg of glass,
  • 1,191 kg of paper and carton,
  • 107 kg of plastic,
  • 42 kg of metal.

Organic garbage is not recycled for the time being. We are trying to find the way out.

We transfer sorted carton for charity. Once a month we send a car packed with carton for a Charitable wastepaper collection for “Dzherelo” Educational Rehabilitation Centre. The Centre sends for recycling and accumulates collected money to buy new windows into the house. We are inviting business organizations to join this good initiative!

Please join Zero Waste movement.

Let’s keep our city safe, country and planet from garbage!