Pure drive at Dzyga – Son Of Daeve in Lviv

In autumn, one should eat many vitamins. It is possible to get them in pills but it`s better to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. And one more option - to come and get energized with positive and cool drive from a wonderful musician :)

Son Of Dave (or Benjamin Darvill) is the former member of the legendary band Crash Test Dummies, which in the 90s captured MTV broadcast and all existing at that time radio stations with their hit Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. This was then. But Benjamin is again on the world`s stages, but now as a rousing and crazy bluesman!

You can take a peek on YouTube at what awaits you at the concert ;) But it must be experienced live. It is something completely new, fantastic, and at the same time true. This one-man-band and songwriter is able to immerse the audience in an atmosphere which is on the verge of theatricality and dance rhythms with the help of harmonica, vocal beatboxing, various percussion instruments, vocals and simple electronic sampler. Mystical humorous show and absolutely crazy DJ, but live and honest, without technical gadgets - this is one and only SON OF DAVE!


Son Of Dave says the following about his music: "It's the rhythm and blues as I see and feel it. There will be no guitar solos or back vocals with digital effects. Only harmonica, natural beat boxing, songs, yelling and things that rattle and thump. This is all for your pleasure!"

You can buy tickets here