Goal #21: 10 000+ individual first aid kits for the Ukrainian military forces
Today, the lives of our defenders on the frontline depend on the proper first aid kit and the ability to use it. That is why we supported the initiative to make individual first aid kits for the frontline and teach how to use them.  

The twenty first goal of the fund is to raise funds to buy and send 10 000+ individual first aid kits to our fighters who are defending Ukraine. We will deliver them in parts – depending on the amount of funds raised and readiness of first aid kits, as we understand that each day matters in this situation. Delivery of first aid kits to the military will be done through direct contact with units and organizations that provide training on usage of IFAKs.  
We continue our work within the humanitarian and food initiative (Goal #20) to support temporarily displaced persons, working with existing donor organizations; nevertheless, we announce the new goal of the Fund and start the fundraising for it.

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