Plov from Yashar – the Best Crimean Plov in Lviv
If you want to try the best Crimean plov in Lviv, i.e. a Tartar specialty dish - safraned rice, stewed meat, steamed whole garlic and vegetables, find a sign "Vatan Qirim" (Motherland the Crimea) at Lviv “Arsenal” Food Fair. Here you can not only eat a tasty dish but you’ll be told about preparation traditions of Crimean Tartar and Uzbek plov. Interesting? Here is the first article about a unique food fair in Lviv to your attention. 

Menu: plov (safraned rice, stewed meat, steamed whole garlic and vegetables), flatbread
Time: 11:00-20:00
Place: “Arsenal” Food Fair, 5 Pidvalna Str. 

You can buy and eat delicious Crimean plov at the “Arsenal” Food Fair in Lviv to the left of the museum entrance. Yashar Fazylov who comes from the Crimea wearing an apron with Crimean Tartar emblem does not only cook plov but tells his customers about the Crimean and Uzbek cuisine.
“We’ve been since August in Lviv. I couldn’t find a job during two months. And I suddenly saw an announcement about the “Arsenal” Food Fair. The idea of food fair is great and has become very interesting to me. I am sure it’ll be developing in Lviv,” says Yashar.

"After Crimea annexation it was so difficult for us to understand that we don’t live in Ukraine anymore but in Russia. That’s why my family decided to move to Lviv. Why Lviv? Because we knew this city, we’ve visited it many times. My wife has Lviv and Transcarpathian roots. We like this city very much. It’s even difficult to say why Lviv attracts so much. It gives energy. 
I’ve got two daughters; the elder is finishing school this year. And it was one of the reasons why we have chosen Lviv. She must have a Ukrainian school certificate! It’s her future!
I am a French language teacher and a translator. I’ve been learning French all my life – at school, at Foreign Department in Tashkent; I was a teacher of French for 13 years, I had a small tour firm, I was in charge of cross-cultural exchange youth projects …”

"Previously, I was cooking plov for friends and family. And thanks to my wife I made up my mind to try and cook plov here, at the “Arsenal” Food Fair. The weather is sometimes cold: rain and wind.  But I enjoy my new passion: it’s communication with people. It’s so great when you have regular customers, we can speak a lot.
There is no classic plov recipe. It’s cooked in many Asian countries. I was born in Uzbekistan and being an 8-grade pupil I made plov myself. My favourite recipe is from Fergana, a city in Uzbekistan. It’s the basis in my plov recipe which is adapted to the Crimea.
I add beef or veal to plov whereas in Fergana plov a back part of mutton is used. It’s necessary to add cumin, berberis, safran, garlic. Plov is cooked in a cast iron large pot-wok on wood.”
A traditional salad “shakarap” (tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper) and green tea go very well with the best Yashar’s plov. Although, you can buy a stronger drink :).
“I come at “Arsenal” every day (except Monday) at 9:00-10:00 and cook. The process takes 2-2,5 hours and at 12:30-13:00 you can visit me for lunch. I work till 20:00 but I recommend coming at lunchtime as plov is just cooked, hot and ready to eat.”
To be continued...