Beer Experiment: Ginger And Dark Lager At “Pravda”
Zbyšek Šafrata, a remarkable Czech brewer, has brewed two new beer brands at the Beer Theatre “Pravda” in Lviv. Soon guests will be able to order ginger and dark sweet lager.
The brewer made new beer brands during February 10th and 11th. “This lager is a kind of experiment for our brewery as bottom fermenting yeast was used. As a rule, we brew ale with top fermenting yeast,”- says Dmytro Zalevskyy; brewer at the Beer Theatre “Pravda”.
Ginger beer; will mature for 6-8 weeks. It is a blonde beer with light yellow foam and bright ginger taste and flavour.  Volume: 5,8-6% alcohol.
Dark beer. A classic dark beer, brewed according to Czech traditions, smooth lager. It will mature for 2-3 weeks. It’s almost dark, malty taste with tender mild bitterness with 5% alcohol.
Ginger and dark lagers will be served as a draught, or on tap. 
We would like to remind you that brewers from Belgium were brewing beer at the Beer Theatre “Pravda” earlier: Jef Goetelen and Olivier Huens. Find out in Facebook our latest events from our international brewers
You can already buy the first two brands  manufactured beer “Pravda Syla” and “Pravda Svyato” at the shop of the Beer Theatre “Pravda”, 32 Rynok Square, tel.: 050 374 49 86.