Lviv embassy in Zhytomyr

You have already heard about a piece of our native Lviv in Zhytomyr but we would like to tell you more. After a vast crowd of tourists who visited “!FEST” restaurants, savoured their delicious coffee and cakes, talked with welcoming staff and thinking aloud "it's so good in Lviv, why don't we have all these things in our city?"; they went home. Our team could not stay on the side line and decided to share their “Lviv goodies” with residents of other cities. We began from Zhytomyr (the city that has so much historical sightseeing as Lviv).

"Brama" café is situated on one of the central streets of Zhytomyr - Mykhailivska Street. There stood “Karl Schedel’s Bakery” one hundred years ago where Viennese buns were baked. Located in the city center, it was only natural to expect a flow of people rushing in, but it doesn’t work that way. You enter the "Brama" café only if you have a key. One can receive one from the café manager on condition that another key owner has recommended and invited you to the place. The recommending person takes responsibility for the applying patron, for his civility and understanding. Otherwise, the café manager has the right to take the key back from the customer thus forbidding him to enter the café.

It is confusing, isn't it? But it is a closed space for people who wish to relax heartily. And there are a lot of these patrons in Zhytomyr, for as per today, 10 thousand keys have already been distributed.

Having entered the café, one forgets that he is in Zhytomyr. There is a small Lviv around you.  Cheese cakes, strudels, coffee and medovukha (honey infused vodka); all from Lviv recipes. Andriy Komarnytskyy, one of the project managers said: "The main mission of this café is to show objectivity, value and culture of the restaurants, already in place in Lviv. We wanted to open a unique Lviv embassy for people having not yet visited our city, and enable the ones who did and fell in love with Lviv to enjoy Lviv atmosphere and fragrant coffee in Zhytomyr.”