Gastronomic tour with TM “Borjomi” at Lviv restaurants
The second thematic event together with TM “Borjomi”and its social initiative to develop 

gastronomic culture was held in Lviv. This time all guests had a chance to get acquainted with rich 

and colouful Galician cuisine that opened its secrets during culinary tour. Being plunged into the 

atmosphere of local restaurants, confectioneries and cafés guests found out secrets of being in a 

good mood after lavishing Galician meals. They experienced on their own that one feels good with 

“Borjomi” next morning and there can’t be a lot of tasty food.

Tour participants visited the following “!FEST” restaurants: “Kryjivka”, “The Most Expensive 

Galician Restaurant”, “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture”, “Trout, Bread and Wine,” “The First 

Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice” and “Post Office on Drukarska Street.”

Gastronomic side of Lviv attracts tourists not less than cultural and historic ones, primarily owing 

to Galician cuisine. Culinary connoisseurs determine it as a great mix of traditional dishes of 

various people of the world. That’s why, you can see Polish bigos and Austrian strudel, European 

Vorschmack and Galician pies with mushroom dip on a Galician table and they will look together 

absolutely right! 

“Speaking about Galician cuisine on the one hand is easy but on the other it’s difficult. For instance, 

Viennese strudel seems to be Galician; Hungarian bogrash is Galician too but all these dishes 

are the dishes of those people who lived on the territory of Lviv for a long time,” shares with his 

thoughts Yurko Nazaruk, a well-known Galician restaurateur. He specifies that one can visit several 

restaurants to learn about real Galician cuisine where Lviv meals and drinks are served. 

Jean Claude Guenat, “!FEST” Holding of Emotions Operation Manager, is a gastronomic expert 

with a 40-year experience in F&B business is sharing with his secrets of cooking ideal beef steaks 

and its various meat doneness levels. 

 “Ukrainian cuisine and Galician in particular is rich enough. Because all Ukrainians love meat 

so much, - said Jean Claude. – However, too much meat is badly digested. That’s why, there is 

“Borjomi” mineral water at all our restaurants helping to digest meals and perfectly goes with meat 

and rich dishes.” 

We would like to remind you that TM “Borjomi” in April 2014 advanced the social initiative to 

develop gastronomic culture in Ukraine. The aim of this long-term project is problem actualization 

of unhealthy food in Ukraine, informing about main principles of dishes and drinks combination as 

well as form the basis of gastronomic culture in Ukraine.