Humanitarian Aid Office: We Help Women And Children In Need To Leave For Europe

The Humanitarian Aid Office together with Fund of Free and Caring and Lviv City Council provide aid to displaced people having no funds to travel abroad temporarily and get social support there.

We provide transfer and accommodation for:

  1. Women and children who suffer from financial insecurity.
  2. Orphans, children with disabilities, CP, children with orphan diseases and those receiving palliative care.
  3. Men under 18 and over 60 years old.

You can get help here

We work with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Croatia, Greece. We have already sent 2 700 people abroad and organized the logistics of 60+ buses.

How do we provide transfer?

Special-purpose buses purposefully head for shelters offered by countries providing accommodation.  

If you want to get to a particular city to your friends or acquaintances, you will have the possibility to take trains in Poland and other European countries taking into account their schedule and conditions. 

In addition, you can support the initiative financially here.