School of free and caring

The School of Open-Minded Kids is a modern Ukrainian school the main task of which is to educate a free, happy, decent, open-minded and caring person on the basis of our values, knowledge and experience. We have two schools in Lviv city, as well as schools that work with different aspects of children’s overall development:

Art school of open-minded kids 
We work with children in three areas: design, music and theatre. Yet we don’t just teach art we help them understand it and live with it.

Sports school of open-minded kids  
A sports unit promoting physical activity and children’s health. It was founded together with triathletes from the Try Levy (Three Lions) team. They teach children riding a bike, swimming in clothes, judo, acrobatics, aikido, football, and more.

Adventure and leadership school of open-minded kids
Here the child will learn to be independent and self-reliant. They will easily solve everyday problems and learn to cope not only in everyday life, but also in extreme conditions.

Little school of open-minded kids 
A school for the youngest; the place where we teach children to become open-minded from the age of 3. But it is already an actual school with lessons, values and skills. 

Online school of open-minded kids 
A school in the format of ‘live lessons’ based on original programs for primary school. A school where children receive a comprehensive and high-quality online education, regardless of their residence. Find more details at

School of digital technologies 
A space for the development and acquisition of useful skills in the digital world. It’s about computer science classes that teach you how to quickly solve problems and generate solutions, as well as about clubs giving you the freedom to be inventive and create incredible projects!

School of foreign languages 
Our goal is for our students to be fluent in English. Based on the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology, we are changing our approach to teaching and integrating English into everyday life for children.

We are creating the school in which everyone would like to study!