Lviv, 1 Rynok Square
+38 (097) 997 55 65
Mon – Sun 9:00 – 21:30
Grand Cafe Leopolis
Feel our history with coffee!

The City Hall is truly the centre of Lviv. It has survived several wars; it remembers both Austria and Poland, the Germans and soviets. So, it goes without saying for us that a café which will tell about the city history should be here.

Here you will be able to find out about some interesting things and events that have happened in Lviv since people learned to take photos. About 700 photos on the walls of Grand Cafe Leopolistell about the ski rump in Znesinnya, the strikes, the cableway in Stryiskyi Park, the first flights and other adventures of our city.

The main dish of the menu is the world'sfinest and freshest“Leopolis”. The entire cooking process of themercilessly addictive dessert is hourly regulated: from the moment of smothering the sponge cake layers, the dessert has to wait strictly 12 hours, then the cake is on sale for no more than 12 hours. Every cake is registered in the special “Leopolis” cake Register Book, where it receives a personal number. 

Beside the special dessert, we also have French desserts, but only those which were typical for Lviv restaurants of Austro-Hungarian period.