How can We Roast Coffee at Home? Video
A unique ceramic pot for roasting coffee has been made in Lviv. It was made by local crafters from a request of Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture to roast coffee at home.

You can roast 5-6 coffee portions at a time (60-70 grams). “Pour green coffee beans into the heated ceramic pot, put it on heat, stirring all the time. Of course, you need patience for this process: one roasting takes 10-14 minutes. But a result is worthy,” - says Ihor Pavlov who roasts coffee at Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture. – “Green beans become yellow under the temperature, then – cinnamon colour and then they are caramelized into brown colour. When coffee is heated to 170 °C you can hear as coffee beans begin to crunch, growing in size. You should roast coffee very carefully, not very slow, so as not to over dry it and not very fast, thus not to burn it.

That’s why we need to continuously stir it. Technology is the same as in a coffee roaster: coffee is roasted here not only from hot ceramic surface but from the air inside the ceramic pot.”

You can hold the ceramic pot over the open fire without touching the flames. Freshly roasted coffee shouldn’t be ground and drunk during the same day. It should be left aside (at least for one day.)”

“It’s not expensive and good alternative to the commercially coffee roasting and I’m sure you’ll drink tasty freshly roasted coffee every day,” - says Ihor Pavlov.”

The ceramic pot for roasting coffee and green coffee beans can be bought at Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture: 10 Rynok Square +38 067 670 6106.