Poliany village, Zhovkivskyi district
West Ukrainian Folk Milk Cooperative

Our Cooperative is a community of farmers, the idea of which originated in Poliany village, Lviv region.

This is where the milk for happy people is produced! 

You can taste the Cooperatives’ milk, cocktails and ice cream at Milk Pub.

Farmer milk from Milk Cooperative. What is so special about it? 

First of all, it is more nutritional. Jersey cows (that’s the breed of cattle we keep) produce milk with high content of fat and protein, as well as calcium and zinc. It is perfect for cheese and butter. Also, we pasteurize milk at 85 degrees, which makes it possible to save more nutrients. 

Secondly, it is cleaner and safer due to contactless milking, without any physical contact with humans. The milk is drawn out through a milk tube and a special filter system to a special cooling tank, and each batch is first checked in the laboratory before pasteurization. 

Thirdly, it is simply delicious, thicker and has an ice-cream flavor.