“Cannes Lions” visit Lviv!

On August 19-22 the show of the best world TV ads will take place in Lviv for the first time within LIONS Creativity Days. Four days, seven events and thousands of the best advertising videos of the “Cannes Lions” festival in the categories FILM and FILM Craft that were shot around the world in the last 3 years!

!Fest Holding of Emotions, Urban Exploration Lviv, the most extravagant festival of modern art in Western Ukraine, and ReklaMaster, an official representative of “Cannes Lions” in Ukraine, invite you to enjoy the best examples of creativity. The organizing members promise that each show will be stunning and give audience strong sensations, with lasting emotions well after.

Lviv as the IT capital should have already settled “Lions”. Therefore, European lions are visiting Lviv ones! “Cannes Lions” festival has been held for half a century and Ukrainians haven’t received any award yet. We must change it!” says a show co-organizer in Lviv, Anaid Agadjanova from Urban Exploration Lviv Fest.

Cannes Lions” events will take place during four days. And the best ad show Kostyantyn Kuznetsov, ReklaMaster Manager, will deliver a lecture dedicated to advertising and innovations

Events schedule of LIONS Creativity Days in Lviv:


Date: Wednesday, August 19. Time: 21:00

Location: “Trout, Bread and Wine” (49 Brativ Rohatynsiv Str.)


Date: Thursday, August 20. Time: 20:00

Location: Beer Theatre “Pravda” (32 Rynok Square)


Date: Friday, August 21. Time: 20:00

Location: Beer Theatre “Pravda”


Date: Friday, August 21. Time: 21:00

Location: Italian Terrazza (6 Rynok Square)


Date: Saturday, August 22. Time: 18:00

Location: Beer Theatre “Pravda”

The lecture to be delivered by the organizers: “Evolution of Social Environment. The Way from Innovations in Advertising Towards Technologies in the Society.”


Date: Saturday, August 22. Time: 19:30

Location: Beer Theatre “Pravda”


Date: Saturday, August 22. Time: 21:00

Location: Beer Theatre “Pravda”

The show will take place along with manufactured beer tasting.

Each show will last — 1 hour.

Such event is a preamble of a large autumn “Cannes Lions” festival in Lviv. Public can watch not only advertising shows but can visit many workshops, competitions, etc.”, adds Anaid Agadjanova.

On Monday, August 17, “Cannes Lions” press conference will take place in “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture”. Follow our website for more information.

You can buy tickets for “Cannes Lions” at Just Lviv It! info centre, 10 Rynok Square. Information about show locations.